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{Updated} S4HANA 'Simple Finance Certification' Cost| HANA Certification cost details

The prices for the S4HANA Simple Finance certification or 'HANA Certification" are given for at associate level and are subject to change any time. The Standard cost for the SAP Certification details are taken from reliable resource

What is minimum eligibility for to get S4HANA 'Simple Finance certification' from SAP?
  • To acquire the associated level certification without taking any SAP courses, you need at least one (1) year of SAP implementation experience or two (2) years of support experience, with a minimum of six (6) months of module and version experience. of SAP in which you will obtain a certification.

  • The last year of your work experience should be with your present employer.

  • Your present employer should be a customer or a partner of SAP.

Benefits of SAP Simple Finance Certification

There are many benefits to being an SAP Certified Professional. Here is a list of the main benefits you can get for sap certification:

Job - We all hope to have a good job in a reputable company. An SAP certification can fulfill this dream, with many job opportunities for qualified SAP professionals.

Salary - It is not a myth that certification offers an individual the chance to get a better salary, compared to a non-certified one. With SAP Simple finance certification, you can get an above average package.

Reputation - Being certified is a way to establish your skills. As an SAP Certified Professional, your reputation in the industry is well established and you will receive some respect from your colleagues and employers. This will also encourage them to become certified professionals. improve the talent pool of the organization.

Promotion - With 'SAP certification', there is a good chance your career game has changed and you can perform better. The result is that you will be noticed by management, which increases the chances of getting a promotion.

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